Our Suppliers

Goodwood Farm Shop

Set at the heart of the 12,000 acre Sussex estate, Goodwood Home Farm is one of the largest lowland organic farms in the U.K. The farm nestles at the foot of the Sussex Downs and has soil which is mainly free draining chalk, ideal for spring malting barley, used to brew our own ale and lager and for the grazing of sheep and cattle. 

Organic Food from Goodwood is grown in the best possible soil and environment without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Goodwood Estate produce from Rare and local breeds, reared in the most compassionate way and fed home grown organic fodder all their lives. Food from Goodwood is full of flavour, yet simply and beautifully prepared in order to retain all of its goodness.

Flint Owl Bakery

Flint Owl are an Artisan Bakers in Lewes, East Sussex. They simply love bread! More to the point they love long-fermented breads made from the finest flours, water and sea salt and that’s it. No chemical additives, improvers or fats get anywhere near their doughs. Their breads, croissants and pastries are all handcrafted from scratch and baked in small batch sizes using ingredients that are organic and of only the highest quality. At Flint Owl they don’t believe in cutting corners for the sake of production which we feel translates into breads that are both delicious and wholesome, and also uniquely characterful.


The quality of the fish that ChalkStream® produce in Hampshire’s gin clear river water is known as “Pure Athletic Trout”. The quality of the trout is directly related to the quality of the water and the high flow rates of the farms. Similar to terroir in wine, it is the pure chalkstream water that gives our fish a unique fresh, clean taste. The high flow design of the farms produces an exceptionally lean, athletic fish.

Slow-grown over 2 years in the same conditions as a wild trout from the Test and Itchen, ChalkStream® produce firm well-muscled large trout low in fat. Our fish are grown to the highest standards of welfare, food safety and environmental and ecological care. Chalkstream supply to some of the best Chefs and Restaurants in England.

Noble and Stace Chocolatiers

This previous Rare Brand exhibitor, Noble and Stace, are an Award winning Local Producer and Chocolatier. Noble and Stace was founded in 2015 and based in Midhurst. They hand make staggeringly delicious and wonderfully RARE Chocolate. It will be Chocolate like you have never tasted before, and the presentation / style of the creations is totally unique. You will simply become a Chocolate snob!

Ashling Park Estate

Ashling Park Estate has to be one of the luckiest places in the whole of the South Downs. Our loamy soil and sheltered position provide the perfect environment for growing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier – the holy trinity of sparkling wine grapes. To supervise the magical transformation from vine to wine we have secured the services of Dermot Sugrue, one of the most talented (and award-winning) wine makers in the industry if not the whole world. Now with all that going for it, haven’t you just got to try it? Decanter, Wine GB and Sommelier Awards have and have awarded it Gold and Silver Medals. You cant get this product in the supermarkets!!


Tinkture make fabulous Rose Gin in Cornwall. It is Crafted using the finest organic ingredients. It is made from David Austin Roses from a certified Organice Farm and is then distilled by hand in copper pot stills on the Cornish Coast. A note from the founder Hannah…

Tinkture is the result of a personal journey into the provenance of alcohol and the best way to keep our bodies healthy on a night out. Looking for an answer, that is how my experiments began into cleaning up alcohol. Each purchase comes with brilliant recipe info for the perfect RARE G&T experience.

Matthew's Cotswold Flour

FWP Matthews Ltd is one of the oldest remaining family owned specialist flour mills in Great Britain.
The business traces its history back to the 1800s when farmer Marmaduke Matthews began trading grain from his barn in the Cotswold village of Fifield in Oxfordshire.
The Mill is situated in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold hills in the village of Shipton under Wychwood near the ancient royal Wychwood forest. Our Cotswold mill produces a large range of flour for home and professional bakers using the finest wheat available.
The Matthews Cotswold Flour mill is still owned and run by father and son team Paul and Bertie Matthews, the 5th and 6th generation of Matthews. We continue to combine authentic traditional stoneground milling methods with modern roller milling from our original 1912 building.
Situated on the edge of the beautiful Cotswold hills in the village of Shipton under Wychwood this traditional mill produces a wide range of quality organic and conventional flours. We still use the original building that was completed in 1912.
We source as much wheat locally as possible and then carefully blend with other wheats to produce flour of the highest quality. In addition to our range of Cotswold flours we also offer a wide range of premium French flours from Moul Bie. We deliver nationwide in our own liveried lorries in bags from 500g through to 25 tonne tanker loads. We hold a British Retail Consortium A grade certificate as well as being a member of the National Association of Master Bakers.
We have a strong environmental ethos and currently operate our vehicles on Euro 4-6 engines, 6 now being the cleanest engine in the market. As well as recycling as much waste as possible. We have invested in a new warehouse and office facilities. These were officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal in February 2009.

Curing Rebels


This previous Rare Brand exhibitor is a creative team of three sausage musketeers, making inspired charcuterie, creative ferments and all things cured and smoked on the South coast.

Farmer Richard rears free range, free roaming pigs at the foot of the South Downs, 11 miles from Rebel HQ. We are proud to source free range and rare breed pigs for all our products.

All products are packaged in 100% compostable, bio degradable and ocean friendly materials. Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible.

Suzy's Streat Food

Small batch, utterly seasonal jams and marmalades made with love and goodness in Haywoods Heath by Suzy. All the batches are numbered as they are handmade in small Clusters. So if you are like Paddington Bear and a connoisseur of marmalade then order a jar quickly as there will be sellouts on this range. The jam flavours will change really regularly in accordance with the hedgerows and seasonality…

Susana and Daughters

Susana & Daughters is a small, sustainable family business based in the beautiful south downs, where founder Susana Perez makes her natural, wholesome Kefir on the Cowdray Estate.

The culture is made from kefir grains, a living colony of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and healthy yeasts that were first found in the Caucasus Mountains thousands of years ago.

Kefir is also a true super food. Naturally packed with calcium, vitamins and billions of friendly bacteria, this delicious cultured milk drink has unparalleled probiotic properties.

The health benefits of kefir have been established over many centuries – in fact the word ‘kefir’ itself literally means ‘long life’ in old Turkish!

Fino Olive Oils

Their three years living in Andalucia was only the beginning of the adventure – in 2006, when they returned to live in the UK the joy of a constant supply of delicious Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil was something they couldn’t think of being without, and that was why they set up Fino – for themselves and for sharing – and now many of you love the olive oil (and balsamic) too and can’t bear to be without it.

All Fino olive oils are single cold pressed oils made from olives grown and pressed in and around the village of Casarabonela in Southern Spain. Fino balsamic vinegars are produced in the town of Montilla, Andalucia and have Great Taste Awards.

Latchetts Farm

Latchetts is nestled inside Heaven Farms grounds and are retailers of the finest gelato, handmade chocolates and freshly pasteurised milk.
Handmade fresh everyday in the shop using only the milk from our cows grazing the family farm to produce ice cream and treats with a taste like no other.
All of the packaging is reusable, so they encourage customers to return the packaging for recycling and reusing.

La Tua Pasta

La Tua Pasta is an Artisan Fresh Pasta Producer. Their family business was created in London in 2006 and was founded with a passion for authentic Italian food. They make all of their own Pasta from scratch in their own kitchens. They take their philosophy from their grandmothers. They make the most delicious and highest quality Pasta for the people they love: their customers!
Their hand-made pasta is made fresh overnight everyday
The most awarded pasta company in the UK; 70+ Great Taste Awards
Carefully select and source the best premium ingredients
The largest range of fresh filled and plain pasta in the UK
Classic pasta dishes that can be prepared in 5-7 minutes
Serving Michelin Starred restaurants since 2006

Brick Pizza

Their pizza is made from slow-rising dough and is baked in a wood-burning brick oven. Their oven produces a heat of about 500 °c (930 °F ). The slow levitation and blast cooking process lock in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture giving a soft and easily digestible crust. As a result, the edge (cornicione) is excellent and shouldn’t be discarded.


Nothing added. Nothing taken away.
At Youjuice they use the method of cold pressing to extract every possible drop of goodness from plants, fruits and nuts, ensuring you get all of the nutrients that nature intended.
They love cold pressing because it is hands down the best technique to protect the vital enzymes and minerals that get destroyed with other common forms of juicing.
The process allows them to get the best from their ingredients, creating a vibrant juice packed with nutrients as well as antioxidants and enzymes that stays yummy for 96 hours.

Their cold press juices are always made in small batches using the best locally sourced produce.
This allows them to give them the care and attention they deserve.

They use reusable glass bottles instead of plastic ones to minimise their impact on the environment and to guarantee your juices stay at their best.

They don’t stop at juice!
They will also feed your body and soul with smoothies, nut milks, wholesome soups and broths, superfood salads, raw sweet and savoury treats, fermented foods and more…

The Pished Fish

The Pished Fish started in their garden shed in south east London in 2014. What started as a hobby spiralled into them quitting their jobs and smoking fish full time. Since then they have moved into slightly larger premises in rural Sussex and now supply some of the country’s leading food halls and supermarkets including Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges.

Their aim is to make you a delicious, superior, handcrafted product which you will be proud to feature on your own menus, be it a bagel for one, brunch for two or nibbles for many.

Thomson & Scott

Amanda Thomson is the CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott and creator of an entirely new sector in the wine industry – sparkling wine that cuts unnecessary sugar, is organic and vegan certified and above all is transparent about what’s in the bottle – an idea the wine industry is only just beginning to wake up to.

Having been brought up on a vegetarian, no sugar diet by her health conscious single mother, she has always had a keen interest in healthy living. After a successful career as an Arts Broadcaster at the BBC, she moved to Paris and studied for her Diploma in Wine at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu School.

She created Skinny Champagne – a world first – and then launched another – Skinny Prosecco – that has become a by-word in the media for drinking better. Noughty is the first organic, vegan alcohol-free sparkling wine to drastically cut unnecessary sugar from the production process.

Nonya Secrets

Nonya Secrets is a premium Asian sauces business with a range of ambient cooking sauces. The sauces are from family recipes of Maureen Suan Neo which have been passed through the generations coming from Maureen’s great-great-great grandmother and incorporate recipes from the South East Asian region.

The award winning bottled sauces are made from natural ingredients delivering authentic flavours from Southeast Asia without artificial additives and preservatives. They are incredibly easy to use – just add coconut milk and your choice of meat or vegetables and you can create a delicious and flavoursome curry or stir-fry dish in minutes with minimal effort – perfect for when you’re pushed for time or when you need a delicious meal for the family or to impress your guests.

The sauces are now stocked in more than 130 independent outlets including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods & Selfridges and Farm shops and Delis across the country.


At Daylesford, they’re dedicated to growing, producing and cooking seasonal, organic food. It must be fresh, and full of flavour, packed with the many vitamins and minerals that come from natural food, picked and eaten at its peak.

As part of a mission to reverse the industrialisation of our food and the pollution of the land that nurtures it, they practise organic, sustainable farming with far fewer pesticides and herbicides on their crops. They do not use artificial growth promoters and hormones on their animals, and maintain the highest welfare standards.

All Daylesford products have full organic certification from the Soil Association.

Court Lodge

Court Lodge is a working organic farm on the edge of the Pevensey Levels in Sussex, run by the Harding family and a small team of local people.

They’re keen wildlife lovers so sustainability and encouragement of biodiversity are important elements of their farming system, as is the well being of their cows.

Their yogurts are made with care and attention in their small farm dairy using milk that comes straight from the cows into the dairy, so couldn’t be fresher! It is pasteurised but not standardised or homogenised, before making into a range of yogurt products using special blends of probiotic cultures, without any additives to thicken or emulsify. They then carefully pour the yogurt into bottles and pots by hand.


GIMBER is the organic alternative to any alcoholic drink. They packed this concentrate with a delicate blend of more than 40% premium organic ginger, lemons, herbs, spices and gems in order to present your taste buds with a tango.

Cabin Pressure Spirits

Cabin Pressure Spirits are a husband and wife team based in Horsham, West Sussex. Thinking there must be a way to produce a more flavoursome gin, David set about experimenting in the garden shed. A year later, it turned out he was right! The couple rapidly up-scaled production and are busy sharing the results with gin lovers across the region.

Traditionally, gin is made by boiling a mixture of alcohol and botanical ingredients at high temperature. The botanical-infused vapour is then condensed back to its liquid form and bottled as gin. Convinced there was a way to improve their favourite tipple by avoiding violent boiling of the ingredients, Cabin Pressure borrowed an approach from the science lab to produce gin at a much lower temperature. The result is an exceptionally smooth spirit with a superb depth of flavour.


Everleaf is perfect served with tonic in an uplifting spritz.

Exceptionally aromatic, Everleaf has complex notes of Madagascan vanilla and Spanish saffron for richness, gentian and iris for wild bitterness and earthy warmth, as well as vetiver and orange blossom for freshness and vibrancy.

Finally, we use voodoo lily and acacia to give texture and length that other non-alcoholic drinks lack.

Ossa Organic

Ossa Organic is focused on restorative and gut healing foods, only using the most premium and organic ingredients. Ossa organic was born out of CEO & Founder Catherine Farrant’s kitchen when she discovered the benefits of bone broth while pregnant with her son Jack. Being pregnant and working full time in an Investment firm in central London, Catherine was paying very close attention to her diet to ensure she was equipping her body with the maximum nutrients and bone broth became her magic elixir, a liquid power house of protein, magnesium, collagen and amino acids. During this time Catherine would go to her local butcher to collect organic used bones to make the nourishing and healing broth at home, now three years on and this principle of upcycling remains at the heart of Ossa’s all sustainable supply chain. Firstly Ossa source only organic bones from well cared for animals which otherwise would have been incinerated, these bones are cooked for 24 hours to draw out the maximum nutrients and flavour, then only organic vegetables and apple cider vinegar are added – no added nasties, all non GMO. Finally all the bones we use to make the broth are put back to the earth as fertilizer, our packaging is also 100% recyclable. We are proud of our sustainable supply chain and to be a B Corp.

Little Morocco Tea Co

Little Morocco Tea Co a straight from source tea co. working with independent farmers, producers and craftspeople in Morocco as well as tea gardens around the world. Curating infusions full of flavour and goodness, they then blend and pack our tea right here in England, making for a luxuriously unique and fresh taste worthy of Morocco’s stunning produce and rich tea heritage.

Salcombe Distilling Co

The Salcombe Distillery is a distillery, bar, gin school and shop, located in the beautiful coastal town of Salcombe, Devon. The company was founded in 2014 by two lovely gentlemen, Angus and Howard, who originally met whilst working as sailing instructors. They began a ritual of a sundowner gin & tonic at Salcombe Yacht Club overlooking the estuary as a regular way to conclude the days sailing.

Aluna Coconut

The Aluna Coconut Rum was conceived over a beach bbq, gazing out to sea as the moon, the big coconut in the sky, rose over the waves.  A conversation between three friends who all loved coconut when it was fresh, natural and delicious and appreciated great rum, but couldn’t find a coconut rum that wasn’t sweet and synthetic. They are now a renowned award-winning company and are regulars at The Rare Brand Market events.

Jacobs Bagels

Every bagel is handcrafted from scratch by your personal baker, Jacob. Each batch is baked to order, so they’re always fresh. Open your 99% recyclable artisan bagel box and fill the room with the comforting smell of freshly baked bread made with organic flour. Jacob’s bagels are a delicious and heart-healthy way to start every day.

Rubies in the Rubble

Growing up on a farm in Scotland, Rubies founder, Jenny, learnt to be resourceful & creative with food.

After moving to London and starting a job in Finance, Jenny began reading about the problem of food waste. Shocked by the amount of fruit and veg that is rejected because it doesn’t look perfect, she began rescuing produce from New Covent Garden market and experimenting in the kitchen with childhood recipes.

In 2012, she decided to take the idea from side hustle to centre stage. Fast-forward eight years and Rubies in the Rubble is one of the pioneering voices in food sustainability, with an award-winning range of ketchups, mayos and relishes, stocked nationwide.

Real Kombucha

Real Kombucha began in early 2016 when founder, David Begg, had all but given up drinking. A big lover of food, David found he missed the joy of pairing great wine with great food, and increasingly began to notice that people choosing not to drink were not catered for in any serious, sophisticated manner. When a friend introduced him to an earthy, rich, oolong kombucha, he realised there might be a real alternative.

His first brew, made with a silver needle tea that he happened to have bought on a family holiday to India, resulted in a kombucha that produced incredible floral, aromatic flavours. Putting together a small team that included nutrition innovator, Adrian Hodgson, and tea expert, Will Battle, the nascent company experimented with 150 different teas until he came up with the finest in fermentation: Real Kombucha.

Williams House

Started by renowned food writer and critic William Sitwell, William’s House Wines offers delicious, everyday wines at great prices. And, because sometimes in life there can be too much choice, we make it temptingly easy. We only ever offer a choice of eight bottles at any one time. So: that’s two reds, two whites, two rosés and two sparklings.

Love Cocoa

The inspiration behind Love Cocoa comes from founder James Cadbury’s, great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who set up Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago. The philanthropist built Cadbury on great ethical grounds, looking after its workforce and improving civil rights. With the family no longer involved, the business was subject to a hostile takeover in 2010 being sold to a US company. . .
Cadbury becomes part of Mondelēz International after a hostile takeover and controversy. The much loved British firm is now in hands of the American owners who make a number of promise including that to keep open British factories.
Within weeks of the takeover going through, Kraft announced it was going to close the Somerdale factory. Four hundred jobs were lost.
Love Cocoa is launched in July 2016, built on the strong ethical foundations that Cadbury initially espoused.

The Archivist

Archivist was founded in 1994 by Sarah and William Allardice to offer the highest quality Letterpress printed cards and stationery.

Prior to running Archivist, Sarah had a career with a prominent British stationery brand while William arrived via a roundabout route through the design department of Wedgwood and some time selling racehorses to people in Japan. However their vision was consistent—that Archivist would offer high quality letterpress products that never lose their sense of fun.

Sarah and William firmly believe that letterpress remains the best form of printing available and everyone at Archivist works hard to ensure it continues in its role as the unequivocal home of UK letterpress printing.

Ed's Veg

Ed is a market gardener who grows on an acre of farmland in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. Having grown up in the area Ed cares about the local wildlife and ecology, wants to look after the land and grow really good quality food.
The salad leaves he grows are brought on from Organic seed in poly tunnels, he cuts the salad at dawn to keep it fresh, and the moisture on the leaves is morning dew. Ed doesn’t mind getting up so early because he likes to see the sun come up and it’s so peaceful. All his tomatoes and cucumbers are picked ripe, so they taste like the ones people get on holiday in Spain, not like the ones that we get ripened by gas or under lights for supermarkets. Ed delivers everything on the same day it is cut or picked, twice a week to shops so it is the freshest you can get.
Ed grows in a way that is sustainable and low carbon. No pesticides or herbicides or any chemical fertilisers, the waste of his business is very low, and the ‘food miles’ are extremely low.


The Biercraft purpose is to put the best beers in the UK and beyond alongside their counterparts in the world of wine. They primarily serve the London on-trade and independent off-trade, with a focus on sourcing the beers that represent the best of the booming craft beer industry, whether traditional or experimental.

As well as distributing these amazing beers (alongside ciders, meads, soft drinks and more), they also curate drinks menus, co-ordinate beer dinners and provide staff training for their customers.

Arundel Brewery

Arundel Brewery is an award-winning independent brewery, that has been brewing since 1992. They make a wide range of beers from classic beers like their ever-popular Sussex Gold, to innovative new beers like their Chocolate, Coffee and Maple Syrup Stout.

Their aim is to create the most delicious and flavoursome beers they can and continually push the boundaries of what’s possible. They are enormously proud of the fact that five of their beers (Uptown, Dragonfly, Maple Stout, Blueberry Imperial and Battle of the Oats) are No.1 in their categories in the South of England on the beer review site Untappd.

All of their beers are brewed at our Arundel HQ using a 32HL Moeschle brewkit and they aim to use as many local suppliers as possible like Innovus, who supplied their canning machine and Sharp Studio in Brighton, who are responsible for their can designs.

Ouse Valley Foods

Ouse Valley Foods was founded in 2004 by Julian Warrender. She is renowned for her innovation and creativity making award-winning jellies, chutneys, jams, conserves, marmalades.

Based in East Sussex, close to the river Ouse from where they get their name. Herons are often to be seen stalking the river providing the inspiration for their logo.