Goodwood Organic Streaky Bacon min 300g


The sows of our herd of free range pigs at Goodwood are a mixture of two traditional breeds: Gloucester Old Spots and Saddlebacks which are crossed with the Large White breed of boar, noted for its good conformation. These hardy outdoor breeds live a happy life on the Home Farm grassland. Their natural rooting habits rid the fields of weeds and their waste product adds nutrients to the grass, which is subsequently sown with cereals for two years before reverting to grass. The pigs, with their good intramuscular fat, produce high quality cuts of meat, including traditionally cured rind-on award winning bacon, gammon, sausages and ham which retains its moisture even after cooking. We have won Great Taste Awards for our March Burgers, which were awarded two Gold Stars, and for our Dry Cure Back Bacon which was awarded one Gold Star.