Organic Turmeric Ginger and Peach Drink (12 x 250ml)


Ingredients and Allergen Info

Product Description
Chances are you’ve seen a new drink on the scene. Advocates of the beverage swear by its good-for-you ingredients and applaud it as a healthy drink that actually tastes as good as it feels. A mix of apple cider vinegar, water and ginger root, it boasts some major health benefits. Beyond an impressive ability to quench even the most serious of thirsts, the different ingredients work together to make this drink a one-stop shop for health: The ginger ramps up the anti-inflammatory power, the high acetic acid content of apple cider vinegar means that your body may absorb vitamins and minerals more readily.
Ingredients: Sparkling Spring Water, Honey*, Peach Puree* 3%, Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother* 2.5%, Ginger Juice* 1%, Natural Flavourings, Turmeric Extract* 0.1%, Lemon Juice Concentrate*, Vitamin C.