The Ethical Butcher Beef Burgers x 4 (150g each)


We know it’s a long time coming but we’re probably put more thought into our burgers than any other cut and we have tested 20+ blends of cuts and fats ratios to create burgers that as favoursome, juicy and have just the right amount of fall apart in the mouth. 100% grass fed beef and fat, with a hint of salt. ____________________________ All of our beef is 100% grass-fed without exception. Most of our producers are PFLA certified and many of them are using Holistic Planned Grazing techniques to put more carbon into the ground than the farms release meaning a net loss for the atmosphere.

The farmers we select from keep rare breeds that are best suited to the land they are farming. These breeds are chosen for their hardiness meaning they can thrive on pasture and be outside in all but the very worst of weather.

All of our beef is slower grown to achieve a deeper richer flavour that is linked to the land and the variety of herbs, grasses and wildflowers that the animals eat.